spicy spaghetti~for the korean fusion foodie

I used to live in LA, and if you are Korean, or Korean-American, you have hit up korea town for FOOD. Whether that food be korean bbq,  nice brazillian bbq, or a hole-in-the-wall , well it is those hole-in-the-wall joints that serve BEST Korean food ever. I can tell you where to get the best bowl of  black bean noodles, spicy tofu soup, or korean bbq. As for Korean fusion and bars, one of my favorite places to go was a little place called Nandarang. They had the best Kimchi Pasta I have ever eaten in my life. Fast forward to 3 years later- I no longer live in la, my younger sister’s friend gave her his recipe, and she in turn gave it to me! It is so delicious and so EASY! Since then I have made it for friends, and they have all loved it. I recently made it several days ago, and my lovely friend who is a talented photog happened to take some photos~ hence this impromptu food post 🙂

It’s so delicious, I’m can’t not pass down this EASY recipie.

Kimchi Pasta (for 2)


1-1.5 cups of chopped Kimchi (sheen kim chi)- meaning kimchi that is overly fermented- the kind you would use for soups.

1/4th cup of minced jalapeño

2 cups of cooked shrimp

1/4th a stick of cream cheese.

1 jar of your fave white alfredo sauce

spaghetti noodles


Cook spaghetti noodles, strain, and set to the side.

Get a wok, pour in a little bit of oil, and start tossing your kimchi. Do this for about 7-8 minutes.

Add your minced jalapeños, toss for another minute.

Add your shrimp, toss another minute.

Add the jar of sauce, mix well. Add the cream cheese, mix well. Add water if you like the sauce less thick. You’ll know what to do depending on your taste. Same goes for the cream cheese- if you like your sauce thick and cheesy add more.

Get a plate, put your noodles on, then the sauce on top. Serve with more jalapeños or with garlic bread.

That’s it!


{Photos by Jin Song