bright pop of color/color block

I was doing some shopping this weekend. Not the fun kind. I needed cleaning supplies. bleach, other household cleaners for the kitchen and bathrooms, different sized screws, some cotton balls~ yes the-this-is-such-a-chore kind of shopping. As I was walking to the next aisle something really bright caught my eye. I had to do a double take, like they do in the double mint gum commercials for what I saw was not just bright, it was just so different. The intriguing shoes pictured above lured me closer, as I quickly picked them off the shelf, and examined them with my hands~looking at the material and quality. Whenever I see something I like, I immediately know EXACTLY what I’m going to wear it with. In my opinion, that is deal breaker in knowing if I should buy something or not. If I don’t know what I would wear it with immediately, it will be a hard piece for me to do a pairing for. The cost of these shoes really sealed the deal. Without hesitation, I made my very first shoe purchase……. TARGET. You heard me, these are tarjay Espadrille Wedges , 30 dollars!! Here is the outfit that I instantly put together in my head when I saw them. I’m so detail oriented…I even had thoughts of brightly colored nails.

I’m loving the grey and yellow colorblock combo. SO fresh, and ready for spring.


Here is another outfit I knew would work with these shoes. Try an alternative with a flowy top with white skinnies.


Jbrand skinnies, Jen’s Pirate Booty top, Theresa espadrille wedge from Target


 The quality of these shoes-made very sturdy and well. At 30 dollars, they are a steal. I LOVE a good deal, don’t you?  Be a budget babe, and snag yours up today.