As a fashion blogger, I often find much inspiration from other fellow fashion blogger’s websites.

There are 3 websites that I visit daily, (can’t name who they are) BUT~~~I have to admit, the reason I keep coming back is because I always find SO much inspo! That is what I love about this fashion world. You  always find things you love, things you like/ items you’d wear too, things you would make, things/people that you  identify with, things you would also incorporate into your very own lifestyle~~ all the while being supported along the way. I love fashion, because  you can always wear your heart on your sleeve, and often & constantly be inspired through others. Isn’t that what fashion is?? Where do you find your inpso? Daily we are constantly finding what we are attracted to.

Unfortunately, a first (and not a good one) happened to me today.

I am VERY aware that there are many real problems in this word, and for me to get disgruntled about such a silly silly  little thing is really unfortunate. I know. I must admit, that I am human, and after a lot of careful thought, I can really conclude that I feel that it is wrong to take photos from someone else’s website and pass them off as your own.  After it happening to me today, and trying to convince myself to be flattered~~~ it just isn’t happening. Why?  I keep remembering the fellow follower who gave me the heads up, and all the other bloggers that this might happen to also. If you want to *borrow* content and/or images, pls link & give credit where credit it is due. If you choose not to, I honestly feel that that is called stealing. Thank you to AJ and also to wearecoveted for  your sweet concern+ great article~ (thanks to you I am now an avid follower of independent fashion bloggers) xO! To you know who you are I really hope that you take down my images, it would be very appreciated.

Fellow fashion bloggers, it’s so awesome to know we have each other’s backs. THANK YOU. So much love, xo! Check out this article and protect yourself, all independent fashion bloggers~!  protect your content