our little queen elle-sa turns four!

Our sweet little queen {happily examining her treat table} turned four years old!

It seems every little girl wanted to be Elsa for halloween or have a frozen birthday party this year, no? Our little cookie didn’t get to dress up as Elsa for halloween this year because of the big blizzard, & requested a frozen birthday party. I thought it would be fun because I had my own vision of a royal coronation ceremony with gold, pastel colors, nice porcelain salad plates and tea cups ~~ doesn’t this sound so grand??? Sigh~but this idea never flew. As soon as I told our little queen of my plan she was not happy. Blue is her very favorite color and to my dismay she asked for her fave color on her cake, her dress, everywhere! It couldn’t be the way I had dreamed up but it is her birthday and I did as I was told. The look on her face the morning of her party~ worth every second of labor!

I’ll share the labor of love first, and then on to the party photos!

for the goodie bags

inside each goody bag!

sugar cookies. Always add 2 tbs of buttermilk to your fave recipe- TRUST me.

love how the snowflakes turned out!

 my shrimp gyoza recipe


shortbread poundcake cuppies

vanilla pudding ice cream cupcake cones

for every treat including all layers of the cake this is the only bottle of food coloring I needed -Americolor electric blue (2 thumbs up!)

cake making time. 4 hours of love baked right in for our now 4 year old!

and finally~~~ready for the party!

I used  a lot of white and silver to make it look very snowy and wintery!

 personalized ombre goodie bags full of frozen goodies

personalized take home treat boxes for each family


FOOD I made~!

Eating is the best part of any party.

I’m sure you know that I don’t show photos of my family or friends on this website for safety reasons, though I wish I could share with you how much fun they had! Everyone truly had an amazing time and it was actually one our funnest parties ever.

Who had the most fun? You can only guess~ our little queen

Happy Happy birthday to our happymaker.

Elle, you bring so much joy into our lives.

생일 축하해요 우리 하늘아! ♥