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I admit that I am having an affair right now with snapchat~ {follow me if you aren’t already-my username is thehautecookie} !

I would like to apologize to you instagram and facebook, but the bar has been set way too high in terms of perfection! Forget snapping a quick photo of your cup of coffee from this morning to share how you now feel so much more energized. If you don’t have some roses, peonies, or other beautiful flowers, a luxe candle, situated-adjusted-organized perfectly (in natural bokeh-esque light) in that little square~ just forget about it. Don’t get be wrong, I LOVE instagram, LOVE it. It’s super fun  & amazing platform to use in terms of sharing beautiful captures. But our life isn’t always beautiful and perfect, is it? That’s what I love about snapchat- there is just something so raw about it. There aren’t all these filters to make everything look perfect, but ones that are funny to make you laugh. I love the fast filter that makes your voice go superspeed and you sound like a high pitched mouse. I also love the selfie video, yes you heard me correctly- the selfie video option with so many fun different characters that change daily (who remembers the day everyone decided to post a selfie video of them throwing up colorful rainbows?!) My kids love it more than I do, (it’s truly an app within an app!) and ask me daily, “Can we play with snapchat?” About my kids- I actually shared photos or videos of them (GASP!) drenched in all of their cuteness. Why? I feel more comfortable being able to share more of a personal part of my life because it all disappears within 24 hours as no footprints are left, only new ones to be made for the next day ahead.

Because of snapchat, I have realized that making videos is not scary at all, it is kind of fun! I haven’t done that here until today! I have been posting a lot of reviews on makeup and skincare these days, so if you are into that you will enjoy my snap! I  know that you all reading this now follow the haute cookie solely for the beauty/fashion/outfits OR for cooking/baking/recipes. With that said, I have been posting many quick how to’s and videos on my snapchat of new and old recipes so if you are into making quick easy to make delicious food you watch fast because it will disappear soon!

this disappears last week, but lucky I saved it to share with you here. watch and follow!

snapchat- thehautecookie


totally obsessed with this HD powder- trust me you will too. It’s light weight and comes in a compact too-so you can easily take it with you for quick touch ups.




what do I look like with that HD powder on?

Hurry and get yours asap!

HD Microfinish Powder

see you in snapland !