all hugged in

Thank you so much for all the love regarding my last post  about fitness and incorporating your fitness outfit into looking HAUTE when on the GO.

It inspired me to do another post to share with you some other things I love while on the go along with few tips and tricks about things you can wear.  In my yoga practice, there is the instruction given through every practice “hug your center line IN.”

You engage your core, and lock your abdominal lock there is actually a name for it, it is called Uddiyana Bandha. It would really be hard to keep your abs locked all day long, but here is a hack to look lean in your mid section. I love the look look of leather and these faux leather leggings- they’re actually spanx- HUG you in in all the write places. This corset shirt hugs your belly all up too so if you want to look firm and lean in your midsection try either of these two things, or both together! It’s effortless and SO comfy. I use these leggings during yoga too so if I have somewhere to be afterwards, I can bring a cute shirt with me and just switch out my yoga top with this one, and voila- instant chic on the go. These spanx have truly been a staple of mine these days, they are so comfy, they hug you in so well in your legs and abs—-and—- might I say that they make your butt look amazing. I totally recommend!

Another staple for me these days are these no bridge aviators by Tom Ford. They are SOO chic and comfy on.


 spanx leather leggings | catbird 14k initial earrings | corset shirt | sunglasses tom ford | bag prada | cuff hermes

What fashion pieces and colors are YOUR go – tos for achieving a lean look while feeling comfortable?

Hope you loved hearing about my  fashion faves/ hacks these days!