zara has some serious Celine & Alexander Wang look-a-likes these days

It was one of those days. The kind where you know there might be an evening of online shopping. Have you had that kind of day/night? The kind that demanded 4 pairs of shoes at once? I am going to admit it right now, but only if you promise not to judge! How many of you can relate?  For me, shopping is like what a drug would be like to others. Due to some recent personal health issues, I have been a bit in the dumps. When I’m feeling a little anxiety and the going gets a little tough, shoes or handbags usually cheer me up pronto. 🙂

Just checked out~ Can’t wait to wear these babies!

well, technically this last {GORG} nude pair wasn’t in my cart. Today, my younger brother told me it was being sent to my house in a week. Am I lucky to have him as a bro or what?

I’m already envisioning how i’m gonna rock all of these beauties!

Seriously, I have a feeling these are gonna go fast. Get yours today before your sizes runs out! I have to say, the prices are def right.