and a splash of fun

A splash of fun never hurt anyone, right? I always keep things simple and clean as my personal style is usually very minimalistic. When I saw the black top half of this dress, my mind said yes, and then when i got to the bottom half my mind screamed YES. This dress is somehow so me, and when I do wear colors, I like to do it in a fun and bold way.  Love changing things up (within my comfort zone of course) and this dress let me do just that. It was perfect for our day out, and at night when it got a little chilly I threw on a cardigan and some black birkinstocks (if you can believe). Even though the image of this outfit changed to casual, the outfit still stayed chic because of the black and the bold cuts.

zara dress

celine audrey sunnies

hermes clic h extra large & clic clac h bracelet

 jennifer fisher love necklace

rolex sub