sleek but irregular- show stopper

How gorgeous is this dress?! One color, two different aesthetics.  The juxtaposition of the sleek silk against the fluffy yet edgy chiffon…  anddd that irregular hem… just WOW.

 A couple weeks ago, I announced my collaboration

with sammydress.

Thank you SO much for all of the well-wishes & compliments! Given how many of you  loved that look/ and dress- I hope you will love the next one I have chosen for you even more!

 I don’t think I need to further explain why this dress caught my eye. Yes, it is def a show stopper. Besides that, the other reason I chose to model this look is because it is that time of year! Are you guys ready for the holidays? I know many of you have officially began the hunt  for that perfect dress for your christmas/holiday party.

Whether it’s for work or play- it will def amaze.

Because this dress has so much going on, keep the hair and accessories very minimal. Simple simple simple is always key. If you need something to keep u a little bit warmer, just throw on a textured fur or faux fur coat. {Check out the one I am wearing  HERE.}


sammy chiffon dress

zara heels

hermes cc

ysl arty 

lana earrings