no fuss beachy waves, all at home. 

shampoo and condition your hair with your favorite products. Get your fave leave in conditioner and apply it to all of your hair. I use Keratese Oleo relax Nuit.  Blow dry for only five mins.  Use your favorite styling/curling definition pomade I use this one and apply ONLY to the last 8 inches of your hair. Gather your wet hair into a low ponytail.  Turn and twist turn and twist. Twist  your hair into  a very tight bun just at the nape of the neck.

Secure with an elastic band. (make sure it is super tight)

You can leave your hair in this secured low “bun” for 24+ hrs. I usually shower in the morning, towel dry hair (make sure it is pretty damp) add the products, & go about my business for the day. Then, I sleep in the bun at night. The next morning is when the magic unfolds.

Take your hair out of the elastic band and bun as soon as it is dry.

You will see 3-4 sections of perfect curly waves.

use your fingers to tousle your hair, and make the waves more natural looking. I actually have pin straight hair in real life.  End result=amaze.

sexy and effortless.