left to right ; Zara color block Heels and ballerina pointy flats, Toms


Once upon a time, the color gold used to be a color reserved for “older” people…elders, people our “mothers’ age”…*gasp* It has def crept back into almost every girl’s wardrobe including my own. It has actually been quite some time since this has happened to me, as you can see it seems to be the dominating color in almost all of the hardware of my handbags, belts, jewelry, right down to my shoes! Here are my three faves right now for each walk of life~ Dressy, semi dressy, casual. These don’t break the bank whatsoever either!  They’re so fun. I pretty much live in the last two.

but for tonight,

these will def do. Color block has grown on me these days. Such a simple  concept looks so classic.