five of my faves these days

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Let’s talk lip service- every woman needs a good beige and a red lip. In other words, day and night. If you are doing a simple cat eye, red lips is perfection- the two are an amaze duo for drama. If you are going for a red lip, don’t do too much make up-let your lips do the talking. No on eyeshadow but yes on mascara.

I am a YSL lip junkie. Obsessed with the vibrant pigments- they are so high quality, and last so long no need to constantly reapply (unless you eat). They go on SOO smooth-no smell either!

love that.

YSL rose bergamasque and le rouge

Amore Moisture Bound Rejuvenation Essentials Set 

As you know, I am a beauty junkie. I think that skin care is very important and youthfulness always makes women feel on top of the world. I have already mentioned  skincare products I swear by, & I will continue to do so.  My mom recently gave me this Korean home skincare system that has spa results. Koreans are so obsessed with looking good and looking youthful, as they have some of the greatest beauty products including BB creme.  I’m always more on the skeptical side when it comes to anything in life- whether it be food, a product for health, ie health supplements, or beauty. So I guess I got lucky that my mom gave this to me. Because she did so, (it lasts for about 2 months) I ended up buying every single product again (they are all purchasable through sephora!) The individual sizes are a much larger so given the sizes in the set, I believe each product purchased individually will last about 4-5 months! Yes I know the individuals are pricey as is the set is a alone~but friends it is worth your money! I am not an affiliate or a sponser of Amore, these opinions are my own

Let’s backtrack to the set – it comes with Microderm abrasion masks which basically does the same thing as an Microderm abrasion appointment at your derm. You leave it on for 20 mins, and instead of scrubbing in that circular motion with the machine, it just lifts all the dead skin cells off your skin. You follow with the enzyme peel creme, then the rejuvenating serum, and then the eye treatment gel, and finish with the rejuvenating face creme. I had the slightest formation of a sunspot on my left cheek a couple weeks ago. I was so scared and upset, and after using this product I can barely see it! It brightens and whitens your skin and lifts any acne scars or redness. I saw a difference in dullness and the small start of a sunspot in only a week. I abs cannot WAIT to see what my skin will look like in 3 more months!

I am so obsessed with this moschino phone case ! First of all, don’t judge! YES, it’s pretty obnoxious and not age appropriate but I got it just for fun. I love pink if you are selfie taker, omg it is PERFECT! You can hold it so far away and press the photo button with your thumb. It looks like someone took the photo for you, lol! If you love pink and don’t mind playing things up once in a while, get it! Though some might think it is obnoxious, it is def a conversation starter, so if you are going out- this is def a great accessory just for fun! Most importantly though- I don’t care what others think except for my family- my girls think I am too cool for school.


Hourglass ambient lighting powder in etherial light and luminous light

These highlighters are a game changer.


If you want to look like you are glowing, this is a must have trust me. If it doesn’t work out (I know it WON’T) you can always return it. I swear by these products so much, I am willing to bed you won’t return. I heard about them through a couple beauty gurus, and tried them out at the nearest Sephora. I couldn’t believe how it makes your face look contoured without trying to do that. I use the ethereal light only on my cheeks as a blush- it has a rosy hue. It works as  blush for me because my skin tone is more on the yellow side and I’m asian.  I use the luminous light just like this- two horizontal sweeps across my forehead, two horizontal sweeps from the top of my nose down to by chin, and one horizontal sweet each from below each cheek to my ear. If you want to look like you drink gallons of water every hour and slept at least 9 hours- this is a good product for you. Keep up with me on instagram, many of you comment on my skin. Yes, I will credit my mom for my good skin, but in all honesty I believe that is only a base. It is the products that I use that deserve real credit for appearance. Read the reviews about these products. All of them from every company selling them are very high and there is a reason. Tip- If you are asian-you need luminous light!

prada retro sunglasses and nike skateboarding shoes

I live in these two things. On a tiring day, I slip on these sneeks and sunnies, & boom! I’m that casual chic girl. You know that girl- the one that has that effortless look in just a pair of distressed denim. I don’t necessarily always wear these two items together.  I will be honest though, I always receive endless compliments on both and am asked what brand and where to purchase.


What are your faves these days? Hope you are inspired to share!