today is my favorite day of the year

Hello, I’m The Haute Cookie’s husband.

Today is a very very special day.  It’s the haute cookie, aka Sooae’s birthday! Sooae’s birthday isn’t just my favorite day of the year, it is the most important day out of the entire year, because her existence is something I’ll always be eternally thankful for. Without her, I am incomplete. She is my soulmate, my best friend, and she means the world to me.

I decided to put aside her usual “fave friday”  post & post this one instead. I can do this because I helped her set up this website,  o.O!!

Today is going to be a day full of celebration. I won’t say how old ms haute cookie is turning because she might not think that is polite.  What I know that I’m so lucky to say though, is that she looks just as beautiful as she did when we first met, which is almost ten years ago.  I wanted to write this post to surprise her, but I also wanted to say thank you to you all, for following and supporting her. I know first hand how much of her heart and soul she puts into creating this website, and I know how much joy this website brings her. Sooae chose to care for our girls, but I can only imagine how hard it might be for her to be a stay-at-home mom when she’s got so much talent and creative energy. This website allows her to share her ideas and passions with the rest of the world and I cannot thank you enough for being a part of it.

 I just wanted Sooae to just have a day off from everything for her special day. Please leave her a happy birthday wish! I know it will mean the world to her as she does to me.

Yours truly,
The Cookie Monster.
Sooae, I love you! Happy Birthday!