a fave space: teaser closet reveal

courtesy of my phone+ the instagram app

Before moving into our new home, I saw the great space of my closet and immediately had a vision.  I decided to make it the same colors as my office- grey, white and black. I know I have mentioned before- i’m really ocd- so every belonging has to have its place, everything piece I have has to be organized perfectly for efficient use. My closet is obviouslly still a work in progress, but I love it already.


all my boots, otk boots, and booties are on the other side

can you tell what 2 colors most of my wardrobe is??

Most of you know I’m all about minimal…yep, m ost of my wardrobe is either WHITE (or creme) and black. It’s not that bad right?? There are a few pops of color here and there. 😉  I love the triple deckers that align every wall of my closet. If you can (and you have a lot of clothing), i highly recommend THESE hangers from crate and barrel. You might be able to tell I’m in the process of getting rid of all plastic hangers. There’s nothing wrong with the plastic hanger, it’s just that I know I’m running out of room! Imo, they take up way too much room and are pretty thick. I will have much more room once I finally eliminate the rest of the plastic ones. Can’t wait for the rest to arrive. They truly do save so much space, and for silk garments they are so amazing. I hate hate hate when clothes fall off of the hanger. Aesthetically they look great and minimal. love that!

my fave leathers and furs: helmut lang, theory, michael kors, funktional

love displaying my very fave (most used) arm candy front and center

-a closet within a closet – my accessories room-

cutoffs, black skinnies, heathered sweatshirts, scarves, and tennies are stored neatly.

I’m obsessed with accessories. A girl can never have too many rings, bracelets, and watches, right?

i always take a final look at my outfit {with accessories on of course} in here.

*quick tip-save your designer bags- the smaller ones! Don’t  EVER toss em! They make great decor and can disguise other items you don’t want seen. I  save small bags to use for satchels of baking powder. This freshens up your closet by keeping it odor free, and it also keeps it from getting musty or moth-bally. A must do in smaller closets, or if you have areas of your closet that have doors that are closed off.

I can’t call this a FULL closet reveal, because I actually haven’t shown you everything just yet! Also, technically it is not completely done either! I’m keeping those additions a secret, so stay tuned. Compared to some of the amazeball closets out there, I know this pales in comparison, but it’s something I am proud of because I designed it myself. 🙂

and there you have it…

One of my ::FAVE SPACES:: 

I love this space so much that I actually blogged this very post in here!

What is your fave space at the moment? I hope I inspire you to share, Don’t be shy!

Happy Friday Friends!