current faves during this holiday season~ 

chanel red caviar jumbo-was/& still is IT. THE perfect red.

By that red I mean candy apple firetruck red. It’s not just the color that reminds me of the holidays This baby was also actually a christmas gift from hubby 2 years ago- &  it actually took almost an entire year to find it~ (cruise line 2010)~ It still looks, feels,  and smells so brand new that people ask me where they could get it. It will ALWAYS be 100% perfection~  esp around the holiday season ;)~ I just CANNOT stop wearing it.

show stopper all the time. love.


Offically  my new fave lip balm. Last week, a gift from a good friend ends up being a God send in this crazy cold weather. Thank you h unnie, now you have me addicted!


beauty weapon #2. Bbalm or BB cream. Remember my Dr. Jart’s review? I have to be honest, out of ALL of the bb creams out there , well this one has been my fave for over a year. It’s by a Korean company called Missha & I love. I use #27!! In the  summer time I always use a bronzer- Nars bronzer (Laguna)~~~>  for that extra glow. People have been asking me what my secret is. I have to be honest . The answer isn’t that I drank more water or I slept on a silk pillow. I have a  dewey glow to because of this amazing bb creme~ def a a must try!


Are you on the go like me? Unfortunately, I do NOT have the time to step into a nail salon like I used to *sigh* I treat myself as much as I can but when I can’t, sally hansen is my go-to. These manicures are quick, and you don’t have to wait  for them to dry. Amazeballs, right?! Btw, if you noticed…. yes, I like my french manicure to look more on the thicker side. Always loved it this way.


I discovered this amazing wonder last month. OMG- talk about shiny! I always receive so many compliments on my hair (esp here- thank you!!!!!!!) but~~~ in real life, friends ask me how my hair always is so shiny. A quick spritz every morning for a super hydrated SHINY luxurious lookin’ mane.


my abs fave holiday scent. timeless, and classic~ floral, sugary, and a bit fem. Love it.


 What are your faves of the moment?

Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend friends!