Isn’t it funny how two opposites, can be your favorites?

It seems this way with many of my loves. I love white, just as much as black, I  love chocolate ice cream equally as I do vanilla.  These two lipsticks by YSL are complete opposites…like night and day. This is the PERFECT RED that I have come across yet, and I have tried so many reds. I don’t like reds that are too orange, too pink, or too bright. This one is muted, matte, and just perfection. I swipe on only one time on the top, and one time on the bottom because the color is highly pigmented- it will last a long time. With a red lipstick, I never wear eyeshadow- just a little eyeliner and that’s it. Let your lips take center stage. For a day look, swipe on a nude lipstick or gloss. It is awesome that the two lipsticks that I love the most are made by the same company. The minute I tried on this true nude color, I was in love. When doing a smokey eye, always stick to a nude lip color.  It really makes your eyes pop!


 YSL Rouge Volupte  Red Muse &  Sweet Honey


Black patent always looks so sleek and polished. flip flops by day, sexy heels by night.


two of my fave jumbos. I use the black one more when I’m hanging out with girlfriends for dinner or a night out. The white one does well for functions held during the daytime- weddings, babyshowers, lunch, etc.

Both flaps are so opposite, but both equally classic and timeless.

What are your night and day favorites?