effortless fashion

for the fitness girl always on the go

Hello Friends! Hope you all are having an amazing winter! It’s chilly out~ some of us in colder temps than others! I have been moving around a lot this winter to keep my body active. The winter months can be dreary, gloomy, and well- COLD! I know that for many it can be hard to be motivated to keep active when all you want to do is snuggle in warm cozy clothes and stay indoors to escape the cold. For me, dormancy is a no- it makes me feel lethargic and makes me feel depressed and gloomy just like the weather. I started my fitness journey to look a certain way, but that journey has lead to so much more than a physical look but personal power, vitality, and freedom. I exercise every day and always start in the morning. Before doing anything else, getting your heart pumping makes you feel proud of your strength and strong body, proud of yourself-SUCH an amazing way to start your day. For me, I have found out how strong I never knew I was, and challenging myself and setting goals and realizing and seeing growth in things I couldn’t do before that I can is so fascinating and motivating for me.

I can’t lie- I haven’t been getting too dolled up these days as I’m constantly doing yoga, tabata, barre, or pilates rotating daily throughout the week. I do yoga every day though on top of these things, and as superficial as it may sound– I find that a cute outfit always makes me feel more motivated to SHOW up and get GOING!

So this is actually my uniform these days- a yoga outfit of some kind and a high pony tail or bun. Here, I’m wearing this gorgeous and very simple lululemon sports top and leggings. I have errands to run, and often meet girl friends for lunch and have a lot of in between time with certain things so when I’m super busy and on the go, I don’t have time to change. I throw on a pair of boots, and a tunic or blazer with large sunnies and a scarf- and voila- instantly you can make your fitness outfit look chic!






lululemon wunder under leggings and energy bralette | gentle monster sunnies | sorel joan of arc boots | chanel envelope clutch | louis vuitton scarf

Are you on the go a lot too? If so what are some ways that you can instantly make something plain pop or look chic? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks too.