street style in Gangnam/ Seoul, Korea


Hello friends! Hope everyone had a really amazing summer! I had an amazing time in Korea- it was truly five weeks of bliss! Thank you all so much regarding my last post. Looking back on these photos makes me miss Korea so much. Though we made daily adventures visiting all around South Korea, we mainly stayed in Gangnam as our hotel was there. It is so much fun people watching in Gangnam because everyone there very fashion forward very similar to Paris, France and New York, New York. There are so many cool shopping areas in Seoul Korea and I cannot lie I did a lot of shopping. I got this two piece romper with leather black straps in a large Korean market called Dongdaemun! It’s fun shopping at night because they never close and there are people out no matter what time of day it is.

This outfit is very Korean, but I loved/love it so much. I loved strutting around with it in Gangnam even more.

Did I mention I dyed the ends of my hair (ombre bayalage) purple?? It has faded a lot since but it was so fun to do while in Gangnam.

This easy-breezy outfit paired with eclectic sunnies and sharp leather contrast accessories made for a very retro chic vibe.

dongdaemun leather strap two white 2 piece

 self-portrait/Le specs lux sunnies

michael kors buckle sandals

apple watch

Hermes kelly double tour bracelet &  Clic H extra large bracelet

Chanel wallet on chain (WOC)

What was your fave outfit of this summer? I would love to see/hear!