Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallette

a full review + a how to

If you are beauty freak like I am you know that Urban Decay’s Naked 3 came out recently.

I love all three palettes SO much. I have to say though, that the third one {THREE} is the MOST different out of them all.

Naked 1 def set the trend for the “bentley of eyeshadows” for a reason. It has very earthy hues that flatter any skin type and color.

Half baked is my favorite color in Naked 1. It is a bronzy hue that looks pink in some lights and more peach in others.

The Naked 2 palette is similar to one, because it has several of the same colors that Naked 1 does. There are a couple more taupe mattes and many awesome neutrals- lots of grey and beige colors. It also has a couple new rose tone colors that are so amazing.


This pallette is the most different out of the three because it is a mostly very ROSE TONE pallete. It is full so many blushes, roses, rose golds, and other rose shimmer hues. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it obviously depends on what type of eyeshadows you use. I’m writing a review about Urban Decay’s Naked Palletts because they are very amazing, but this third one absolutely did me in. For me, I think it is the best one- and that is because I wear rose tone shades on my face whether it is eyeshadow, blush, or lipgloss. If you follow me on instagram, you know I was having fun playing around {i literally could not put it down for an hour!}

I think for the most part, people love the first palette the best. For me, I love the third one the most. =)


A how to on day and night:

Simple simple.

First: sweep a very neutral matte color- the most non shimmery one you see (1st color) across your entire eye with the looser fluffier brush end.

(im sorry I forgot to take a photo of this)

Second: (my fave color in naked 2 is tricked) Use the shorter/firmer brush end and apply a shimmery hue like tricked.

Apply right at your eye lid crease.

Use the very same color you used as a base all over your entire eye to highlight your brow bone.

TO find your brow bone feel right under your eyebrow- and you will feel the curved bone that outlines your eye socket.

At that curvature, sweep the first white matte color (left to right, right to left, repeat several times) over your brow bone.

You are essentially highlighting that area making your eyes pop.

This is where I stop my daytime look! =)

For a nighttime look or SMOKEY EYE:

Repeat all the steps above, but you need to have a sponge shadow applicator like the one shown below.

Sponge applicators are used if you want want really high pigmentation. Even a extremely dark shadow like the brown below looks completely different when applied by a brush stroke or by a flattened sponge.

Apply the dark color- i always use a dark brown or sometimes even black, and rub right at the eyelid crease.

Here is the night time smokey eye on the LEFT side and my daytime rose gold shimmer on the RIGHT.

Easy Peasy.