If you have been following me via instagram or my other social networking sites you know that I have been hinting about my new closet reveal coming soon .

Well here it is!


but WAIT!


Though I am very happy & proud of my closet, (which is clearly why I am sharing)  I urge to read about what I am most proud of,  first.

I’m over the moon in LOVE with my new closet. It was a bit of a process to finally get here. I contemplated so many different floor plans of how I wanted the closet, the wood color, the size of the shelves, the amount of shelving on each wall…so many decisions.  I did design my new closet all by myself, but in all honesty that was the easy part of this journey. I only have my loving and talented husband to thank for the special room that I feel like a princess in every morning.

My very talented handy husband used AutoCad to put my ideas and measurements into place, and from there everything took off. I chose all the wood, materials, and colors and then my husband measured, sawed, nailed, built every beam shelf piece of wood (except the wood floor-it was installed by our flooring company).

This closet is truly a labor of love.

Initially it was going to be all dark wood because I favor mocha and dark colors for wood and furniture. I have never been drawn to white wood for cabinetry, furniture, and home decor.  My old closet had all dark wood, because I love boldness, drama ,and contrast. There is so much NATURAL LIGHT in my new closet, that I decided that a lighter wood color would make things really glow, look ethereal, glamorous, chic and also minimalistic. It was difficult stepping outside my comfort zone, but I’m SO glad that I did.  To add the drama I crave I replaced the light fixture with a huge crystal chandelier front and center of the room (um hubby physically did that haha!) and added more contrast and drama through black objects- books, candles, and luxe black suede hangers.

Big bear, thank you so much for building me the closet of my dreams with your very own hands. You knew it is something I wanted, and I knew it was something you would want to help me with in a heartbeat. I think we will are such a great team, and I had so much fun doing this with you… even though you did mostly um everything lol. I’m so blessed to have such a loving, thoughtful, and supportive husband. Anything I tell you I want to try and do you always encourage me. You’re always so proud of me but I’m so much more PROUD OF YOU.  I don’t know what I did to deserve you! Thank you for being my better half. I love you.


and without further ado~~~ my new glam-chic boutique style closet.

I will let all of the photos just do the talking!

the end!

I hope you enjoyed the images!  Thank you so much for letting me share. Thank you for letting me share about something and someone that I’m terribly proud of. <3