my take on layering

Hello friends! Even as the weather gets warmer, this is my layering game. Undergarments such as bras, slips, and pajamas are meant not to be seen but are so pretty and intricate – why must we women hide them?  As of late many women are wearing their intimates on the outside and showing off the beauty of femininity.  When done correctly as is making it known you are intentionally wearing your intimates on the outside- it is so chic.

There is something so sexy about a simple crisp white shirt. Since I am wearing a bralette on the outside, I paired it with wide leg trousers – total fashion editor look. Use a business casual look with a special twist- instant boss girl.

oxford shirt | wide point trousers | black bralette | celine sunglasses | chanel jumbo | hermes large H

I will ALWAYS adore black and white. Forever timeless and classic.