five weeks of food and fashion in Seoul, Korea 

Hello friends! I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer.

My family and I spent the past 5 weeks in Jeju island and Seoul (in Gangnam) in South Korea.

KOREA~ you treated us so well. 👦🏻👩🏻👧🏻👧🏻❤️
Our time with you was so blissful. Traveling to Seoul was the longest trip I have ever taken and also the most memorable.

We just got back a few days ago.  Thank you for all the sweet messages via social networks and all the pms here wondering where I am.

 I want to apologize for not being able to post on this website for the past month .

I have no excuses but that I put my family first and this trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

It was nice to unplug and just concentrate on family.

I am back now though, and better than ever!

Back to normal posting-

I am so thankful for every memory made.

Mornings in jejudo started like this-

and always this too


We hiked Mt. Hallasan as a family. I was so proud of myself and more so the girls for this accomplishment! It is a very difficult hike, but it was the girls who were cheering us on each step of the way!

mosquito and bug repellent disguised as bracelets were a must.

Teddy Bear Museum

Hello Kitty Island in Jejudo- most massive castle full of everything hello kitty I have ever laid eyes on. It was heaven for the girls… and me.

Just so many yummy eats in Korea…

best pat bingsoo ever!

heart of Seoul

Bossam and Jok-bahl

Trick Eye Museum- SO fun!

Did a lot of pampering in Korea including gel glass nails

3-D eyebrow microblading! This is when it was just done (very dark)

below- 2 weeks later ( it fades and looks more natural ) love how it turned out!

Skin care!

I also dyed the ends of my hair purple~purple bayalage!

my favorite korean emoticon


chicken and beer together is a must

han bak steak

spicy sweet korean chicken with rice cakes noodles, and cheese in the middle for dipping-my fave meal in Korea.


traditional Korean dining

apeach and neo!

Jjoo Koo Mee- 2nd fave meal.


Fresh Fish at my cousin’s house all the time!

best hot korean rice cakes dduk boki- is where you make it at your own table.

My birthday!

I celebrated such a memorable birthday in Korea (best one yet!) My hubby and girls spoiled me rotten on that day. Cake for breakfast is a tradition in our household for birthdays- being in Korea didn’t stop us!

Birthday Dinner at the Babylian Table in Apgujung!

So many yummy dishes. I think the above was my fave.

SUCH a pretty bracelet from the hubby and girls.

Thanks for letting me share my unforgettable and memorable trip with you all!

What was your most memorable vacation?

I would love to hear!