play it up

With the warm weather, I mentioned that I have been already enjoying shorts, skirts, and dresses.  Have you  been just as lucky? I hope so! In any case, even if something is over the top gorgeous, I won’t buy or wear it unless it is comfy. That’s def why I’m a shorts and dress girl as summer is my favorite season.  Even though it isn’t summer yet, I wore these shorts to a gno last week. I bought these sequins shorts from h&m last summer, and I never got the chance to try pairing them with anything maybe because there wasn’t an occasion for them. Love the feeling of finding “new” things in my closet, don’t you? I’m so guilty for having clothing in my closet that has yet to be worn or still has tags on it~ yikes. In any case, I was so happy to rediscover these shorts when I remembered how cute they were on, and how comfy they were! The waist is perfect-it can be worn high waisted or low.  So comfy. I’m loving silk this spring, hence this pairing. I love the juxtopsition of the silk and the sequins~even though the same color, the different asthetics play off one another perfectly. Bold gold acceossires polish the outfit off perfectly. Interestingly playful yet chic all at once. Next time I wear these shorts, it will be with my white silk shirt.






h&m sequin shorts

victoria secret silk henley

zara heels

ysl arty

jennifer zeuner love necklace

hermes bracelets