People ask me what my skin care regimine is all of the time~ and I have a little secret, i mean gadget that I use in between facials. I got this baby as a birthday gift from one of my dear friends, and it is truly amazing. Imagine the most lovely facial~ right. at. home.

Galvanic Spa II

If you have’t heard of it before already, you should take a quick look. I had nothing to lose, because I received this lovely gadget as a gift, but was told to do only HALF my face for the first time, so I could visually see the results. I’m quite embarrassed  to admit that I could tell a very noticeable difference. The skin under my eye looked much more taught, and even though my  face felt extremely lifted , refreshed, & firm (it’s such a wonderful feeling) ~ I could totally feel the “unevenness”. One side felt completely different, while certain areas looked noticeably different- esp the under eye area. Now, I don’t have any wrinkles yet, but use this weekly. I will admit right here, I am superficial~I don’t want to age on the outside, because I feel so young on the inside.  I’d like to prolong it as long as I can-us women and our vanity 😉  In any case, what I love about the galvanic spa is that after one of those long weeks- after using this, I just feel so revived, fresh, and um awake! You can see the other product I use in the background, on a daily basis, and combined with gpsa once a week- i can say everyone is being a great team player 🙂 What is your daily skin care regimen? I would love to hear!