to create this easy look

People have been asking me what tools I use to achieve my stick straight glossy hair look OR

my curly beach waves look (in the photo below)

I love that curly look, and it is so easy to achieve (click on the link above to view).


Lately though, I have been really into pin straight shiny hair.

I have been using The Diamond Professional Flat Iron by Irresistible Me. is our next-generation, digital, SMART styling iron featuring unique DIAMOND Hi-Tech, which coats the floating ceramic plates with crushed diamond particles mixed with tourmaline.

The diamond and tourmaline technology will protect your hair and keep all the natural hair oils, color and moisture in, leaving your hair healthy, shiny and frizz free. The styling will last longer against air humidity and everyday stress.

You can control the heat of the iron through the up and down toggle buttons on the iron. It uses nano technology using ceramic plates so heat is ALWAYS evenly distributed.

the bright led display is so awesome- you can visually see how fast the iron heats up.

it heats up to 450, but I keep it at 400. From plugging it in, it took all of about 10 seconds to heat up to 400!

If you are a beauty guru, you have heard of the CHI iron and the NuMe. Even with these professional irons (I have used both in the past but no more!) I always go over each lock of hair twice or sometimes three times to achieve extra straightness. With this iron’s technology once is ALL you need. The even distribution of heat nano ceramic tourmaline technology keeps my hair healthy and shiny and also cuts down doing my hair (ironing time) by HALF!

I love the red color- in my hair tools drawer I can spot it right away.

I wanted to also let you know of a few cool features of The Diamond!

Anything that makes my life easier is a MUST:

a 360° mobile cord that swivels around following your every move

a thumb print and cool tips for a steady grip and to avoid burning your fingers

all buttons are on the inside so you don’t accidentally change the settings

shuts down automatically in 30 minutes

gets hot (450F/230C) really fast, in up to 15 seconds

intelligent heat display that lets you see the temperature all the time

it is super light and comes in a beautifully designed box with magnetic closing that you can use to store it

it automatically changes the temperature display to Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on the supplied voltage, making it perfect for travelling

the 1” floating plate self-adjusts, eliminating any pressure points, so that the iron can work through your hair smoothly without pulling

Professional Diamond Iron c/o Irresistible Me 

Irresistible Me is offering my readers a 10 percent discount!

Just enter thehautecookie10 at checkout.

There is a 1 year guarantee just in case you should have any issues with your iron.

Once I am done straightening my hair, I add a dime size amount of Moroccanoil .

Then I brush with a fine bristle brush, and voila-

straight shiny

healthy hair.

What hair tools can you not live without? I would love to see/hear- please share!



Brought to you by Irresistible Me