diggin’ comfy casual these days

My life has been so crazy these days, um OK in all honesty it has been INSANE! Those who are close know why. Tiring, exciting crazy..  how do I slow life down? I don’t quite know how to do this right now. These days (for everyday wear) my friends see usually me in baggy or boyfriend jeans & comfy Ts or sweatshirts-> (tho cute and chic of course 😉 This um homies sweatshirt is no exception. Litchtenberg’s funny play on my second fave designer label just makes me smile. So funny, cute, and yes chic all at once. I love this cozy sweatshirt, so comfy.

Loving this leather cap so much I think I’m averaging 2-3x a week on wear . I don’t have the time to do my hair or a nice blow out as much as I want these days. This cap easily conceals.

Heels always throw a simple t or a sweatshirt to a different level.


  a leather cap def does the same


casual chic effortless.



brian lichtenberg homies  sweatshirt 

l.a.m.b. heels

asos leather baseball cap