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Hi friends! Hope everyone is having an amazing summer! My husband and I just celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary! Can you believe? We were truly babies when we got married- time flies so quickly. I am so thankful for the blessed life I have and am forever thankful to my amazing hubby for being my rock, best friend, and better half. This is the outfit I wore after a day of canoeing in Lake Michigan. Can you believe? I had no idea we would be fine dining after a day of rugged adventurous outdoor activities. I am glad that I brought this dress and corset belt with me. Both are old but you know when I buy pieces I don’t like to buy trendy but things that will stay in style. Classy and chic. Those types of clothing and accessories are also what I would refer to as my “go-tos.” A go-to for me is something I always know will have in the back of my mind as in outfits because I know they will work wherever I am going. Another way to say this is outfits you can’t go wrong with. Anything monochrome, which is simple but looks classy is a go-to for me and this one I threw in my suitcase just in case we would be going to dinner in a less casual place. It worked out perfectly!

This corset belt I purchased last winter, but I have ben wearing it with all kinds of things- dresses, a crisp white linen shirt with jeans- the possibilities of a nice corset belt are endless. They give you an instant figure, and I can’t complain about that.

I also cannot get enough of this de-vesi tote bag this summer. This same bag was in our canoe and came with me to dinner.  SO versatile. It is water proof and keeps all my goodies safe while offering a chic way to carry my summer essentials. I can look right through and find my sunscreen immediately. Gotta love that!

ribbed dress (old) similar heregentle monster in scarlett sunglasses  | calvin klein heels |  de-vesi bag | zara corset belt (on sale now!)

What are your go-tos when it comes to dates and dinner?

I can’t wait to hear!