the perfect backless lbd

I bought this dress a couple years ago, and due to a certain “life changing” chapter in my life, I could not wear it, or did not ever have the chance to.  I had forgotten about it, and just last week, after all of this time~ I randomly saw it and pulled it out. I tried it on after finding out we were going to dinner. It wasn’t the type of restaurant that really calls for such a “nice” dress, but the amazing feeling that came over me was enough, that I couldn’t take it off.  Seeing and feeling how it still fit like a glove, made me so happy- (I can’t take full credit though)-Herve leger makes dresses that are extremely slimming  in the stomach and booty, famous for the small strips which help whittle your figure. Known as the bandage dress- this dress is slims and feels great. I know I will be wearing it to many other occasions- def a staple!


dress herve leger 

shoes christian louboutin

bracelet michael kors

purse chanel jumbo