a gift from a friend~ and a gift to a friend


Last week, two totally different events occurred, yet somehow they completely coincided with one another.

I have this wonderful friend, her name is Jin. She is one amazing human being and also an amazing mom to her son.  She inspires me everyday to try and be the best at everything I do. Not only is she incredibly talented, she is so bright and has so many amazing ideas it amazes me to no end. I am always learning something from her, and she is such a blessing to me. We are so similar in so many ways that we just can’t help but see each other so often– whether it be hanging out with our crazy little kids, or  hanging out without them (yet talking about them even though they aren’t there lol). Our days and weeks always seem to be filled with such excitement and joy always thinking new things we want to try or do together. She is truly like a sister!

One night, we were chatting ~ and being the in-the-closet-diy-craftoholics we are~ we thought it would be a fun idea to make our own christmas stockings this year! J was perusing through some photos and showed me this amazing photo of a few vintage looking stockings made of burlap that I immediately fell in love with. The very next day we spent the entire morning at our local craft store looking for the most perfect materials.

I was already dreaming of  a minimal, rustic yet ethereal, and romantic look for the focal point of my living room. Also, is it just me~~ or is there something with the material burlap? I love the texture and its ruggedness- the way it has the ability to look rough, but soft all at once.

 With dreams & visions of beautiful picture-perfect mantels adorning our handmade stockings we bought enough materials for our families of 4.

{do u like how they turned out?! I DO!}

* rewind please*

That is the first event that had happened.

The second event is this:

I got a package from UPS at 5pm that same afternoon.

8  years ago, I met this amazingly sweet down to earth girl who happened to be my younger sister’s good friend. Today, I can call her a friend of my own.  Through the years, she has always been such an encouraging force in my life and has always spoiled my family and my little girls rotten.

What was in that package I was talking about?

Do u see the two amazingly luxe white and light grey leopard stocking on each end of the picture below?!

Yeah, she sent those to me, for our daughters! One, they are SO my style. Two, even thinking that first off, I immediately thought OMG I can’t believe her. And I can’t believe we were on the same wavelength thinking of stockings for my mantel!

I mentioned that very morning at my craftstore I bought enough materials to make christmas stockings for my family of 4. I hung the two my friend sent immediately. I love them, and will always think of her every christmas I see them on our mantel.

Yes, I had a vision– of the picture perfect maybe even magazine worthy mantel.

My mantel is not perfect to you or people around the world. It looks a bit mismatched.  It’s PERFECT. PERFECT to ME.

I mentioned I bought material for 4 stockings. I obviously made 2 for my hubby and I.

AND I made 2 for my friend Grace and her boyfriend Mike.

Grace, I thought long and hard of how I could make YOU feel the way I FELT when I opened your package. Thank you for being so loving and being such a great auntie to my girls. Every December I will always remember you. Hope you feel the same way about me come every holiday. 

Jin, I will always be thankful for our friendship, and I you know how I feel about you- I just love you to pieces you are truly one of my best friends.

Thank you both for your friendships. Though neither of you know one another, your love collided.

During this holiday season, I’m truly thankful for my friends.

What are you thankful for?