More than being fashionable, I think it’s really important to just have your own personal STYLE. Rather than trying to wear all of the most fashionable “fads” or “trends” of the moment, I think it’s much more important to have your own style- something that almost defines who you are, almost like your signature. Style, your signature look defines who you are not just by what you wear, but how you are. I would classify my personal style as minimal and chic. I can say that I’m a minimalist in all other areas of my life as well. I’m not a very loud person, and my personality isn’t too loud either. I am embarrassed to admit that I don’t venture out much (i’m not a risk taker) and I love consistency and knowing what to expect. Going out to my fave restaurants do I ever try anything new? Nope. I always want to eat my very favorite meal, because I know it will taste good which is why I’m craving it.  I  know women who love to wear bright colors and patterns, or a combination of bright patterns for example a hot pink striped shirt with green plaid pants. And do they look good? YES. I hate YOU women who can pull off the craziest patterns and still look on beat and amaze! 🙂  So back on track. When the peplum skirt/dress trend came out not too long ago, I have to admit that I kind of um.. HATED it. I swore that I would never try it EVER. I couldn’t understand why people thought that making your waistline look larger than it really is was a good thing. I never even tried anything peplum on to just see how I felt. Until last month. Why after all this time? I was in a hurry. I had an event to go to, and was trying on a bunch of things. I actually had picked out a simple sleek black pencil skirt, and noticed it was too big. I asked someone to help me, and get me a smaller size along with another top that I had seen. The woman brought me my clothes but she brought me the wrong skirt. I didn’t even know until I tried it on, but as I glanced in the mirror I thought that it looked really different.. kind of weird…but in a good and unique way. I bought the skirt, and I love it.

Lesson learned: be more adventurous. You might surprise yourself.

You might not like the skirt I’m wearing, and that’s okay. I love it. Even though I will most likely never buy another peplum skirt, I love this one, and am going to wear it again and again. There’s something about it that is so different, and I have figured already figured out how to incorporate it in into my personal style.

zara peplum skirt

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hermes bracelet