new closet, new bag

un coup d’oeil a la vie, via instagram 


another peek- into my new dream closet (staytuned!)

white & splashes of emoji #hermescarre90twillfestival



Treated myself today~the smallest things make me feel like a million bucks! Feeling so fresh & so clean. emoji #whitemanicureandpedicure

What a relaxing start to the weekend! Saturday morning tea & brunch w/ new friends.

English breakfast tea, scones, smoked salmon sammies (all devoured) & lots of laughter ♡


all those cuts, all those details-floral chic. HERE in case you missed it!

i love chitown.

The only red. emoji! Merlot, always peopleemoji

A much needed #gno (it has been soo long) is just what I needed!

Ahhh~this sexay machine right here.

 THE best #cappuccino #coffee#expresso #latte #machiatto in town. emoji

 Jura Impressa Z7

#juraimpressaz7 #spoiled#besthubby #coffeholic

Shabu Shabu emojilunchtime emoji


                                                Lobsteremojishrimp salad emoji

If you keep up with me via instagram you know that my life has been a little bit crazy these days because I moved! I’m SO sorry for not being able post as often as usual, but finally recovering from pnemonia, settling in, things should start getting back to normal! 😉 All of your emails, tweets, & pms inquiring about the lack of posting here, if I am okay, and if I am not continuing this website anymore~! Omg, your inquiries were NOT taken in offense, but truly as  compliments. If it wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be here. I promise to get back into gear and full swing soon. I absolutely can’t WAIT to share with you my new home decor ideas, diys and adventures so stay tuned!!

I’m  so thankful for so many things today: my family, my blessed life, my good friends, this creative outlet, and also soo thankful for each and every one of you.

I’ll always be so humbled for all of the blessings and opportunities this website has given me, thanks to you my friends.  XO!