obsessed with the givenchy obsedia wrap bracelet and cuff

I have an obsession for all things cuffed these days. I’m loving big arm cuff type bracelets, heels with bold cuffs which look like they are strangling your ankles. Back to bracelets, I’m really loving the bracelets with leather-the  leather wrap around kind. At first, the two that I just could not make my mind about were the Hermes Rivale or the Berenice.

I keep thinking of which Hermes style I like most, but I can’t STOP thinking about these two from Givenchy… they have a bit more of a bolder look, which is more statement, more me. In any case, I can’t stop thinking about these armswags. The good thing, is I finally decided to go with the Givenchy cuffs. BUT, the dilemma is….

1. black or white?

2. the wrap around (3x) or LARGE white bold cuff (it’s pretty huge in real life).  I don’t want to get the large bold in black becuase I do have too many statement type arm cuffs that are similar/similar size.

I know that I have a lot of black and gold jewlery, but I can’t stay away. That color combo is just so me, and I love the way it looks.

Both make a statement


or that


I’m leaning on the above, and pairing it with a clutch…

what do you think?