a little masculine fem

I LOVE army green, and these cargos were such a great find. It was the zipper. It’s the zipper that caught my eye, I knew how versatile these cargos would be. (They look so amazeballs and fierce with heels on too).

paired with these soft heathered grey quilted slip-ons comfy & chic collide.

throw on an another long cardigan and soften things up.

Can you tell I have been obsessed with heathered grey these days?

Now here’s the real story, in chronological order. Sometimes when I am shopping for the girls, I find clothes that I can fit into myself. We were doing a little shopping last weekend, and I always go to The Gap to stock up on leggings, shirts, etc for the girls and I found the cutest shoes there…for ME! Luckily my feet are small (size 6) so I fit into a girls size 4. People keep asking me where I got them, and they are so shocked when I tell them hehe! If you have small feet too, go grab them! I always love great deals & steals. On that note, I hardly ever go into the women’s section but when I did hit the jackpot because I found the cutest pats and cardi, which happen to go with the kicks. Meant to be right. Don’t you love shopping days like that? One stop shop.

Just love this tomboy look. So masculine but with feminine touches.

theory t

quilted slip-ons, cargo pants, and cardigan– gap

chanel aviators

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