same color, different textures

Hi Friends! How are you all enjoying your winter? It’s hard to look chic and fashionable in the colder months, isn’t it?

 I find that you can look good by keeping things very simple (monochrome outfits) but play around with the different textures.

Everyone needs a fun fur coat, and this one is so soft and luxe (you will never guess where I got it!) I keep getting asked where I got it it’s so pretty and it keeps be pretty darn warm.

I layered a longer cardigan and long t shirt underneath to add layers and texture.

The juxtaposition of the furry coat, a long knitted cardigan, a loose fitting to the leather pants and heels adds drama but elegance.

I love this ear cuff- it is the only jewelry I wore in this outfit because it adds to the edge of the leather.

When you have a lot of layers etc, minimal accessories are key- let that take center stage.

This long cardigan looks gorgeous by itself too. I bought it oversized – love the fit this way.

luxe faux fur coat F21

true religion leather pants

ava viv cardigan (X)

mossimo shirt

calvin klein heels

rhinestone ear cuff

nordies cat eye sunglasses

louis vuitton epi bowling montaigne bag