I apologize for the past week’s lack of posting, for you see- I was incredibly busy. Our daughter celebrated her 6th birthday this past weekend!!!

At her request a pinkalicious princess birthday. I had been preparing as hard as I could hoping for the very best. It was at her younger sister’s 3rd birthday that she announced what kind of party SHE wanted. Because I have known about it since November, I tried to prepare as much as I could here and there.

 Party planning is a hobby, and it has always been something I have been obsessed with. That’s why I would be lying if I said it was really difficult. Yes, it was hard / lots of work and labor but because I enjoy party planning + the fact that it was for my own daughter = it  was  kind of fun. 🙂

On that note, before I share the photos, here is where it all began:

4 lbs of sugar cookies-

 {I made my own marshmallow fondant for the cake and cake cake toppers} It was very easy and most importantly SO YUMMY.

get the recipe I used here

fondant crown 

and wand 😉

a good friend of mine made a pinkalicious poster for the party, and I found these letters to attach to it. I found them at a local craft store, and painted them yellow

poster by Jin Song

The medium used here is acrylic paint. If you would like a poster similar or are having a birthday and need a poster of of your child,  email me and I will give you her contact info.

patches for the kid’s backpacks containing their party favors

find them here at patch nation

more baking- decided to make pinkalicious’ wand- sugar cookie wands

Ghiradelli chocolate brownie sundaes-  recipe here

pinkalicious marshmallow pops

I’m always trying new recipes whether it’s strawberry cupcake or a chocolate chip cookie. Love trying new recipes of the very same thing to see how different it tastes and why. Quite recently, I made the most moist vanilla cupcake I have tasted in my entire life. I loved it so much I also used the recipe to make my entire cake. I must be honest and let you know that *there is a small thing that I add to all of my cake and cupcake recipes to make them very moist and sweet, but I’m not ready to  share that just yet.  I will share the recipe with you I used!! Get it here!

These three colors are the only three colors that I used for the fondant, the cake, the cupcakes everything baked in the whole party. Very vibrant, and the combination when mixing some of them together esp the electric pink and electric purple- amazing. I highly recommend these colors.

5 layer pink ombre vanilla cake {look above for recipe} with whipped strawberry frosting- recipe here

fondant time recipe here– color used is americolor soft pink about 3 drops for 3 cups of fondant

the most tedious part- the tutu

oops I forgot! I guess I did use one more americolor besides soft pink, electric pink, and electric purple— electric yellow for the crown, and the star toppers on the cupckaes below.  This dye is potent. One drop is PLENTY. (for one cup of fondant)

love how it turned out.

and without further ado…

the party pics.

over the years I found that little girls tutus make an ordinary cupcake stand look amazing.

final touches the day of the party-

party treat take home boxes- (airtight containers) to keep the treats fresh

personalized backpacks holding the favors

pint size mason jars with strawberry lemonade

personalized wands for every girl


Chloe, time flies in the blink of on an eye. We all cannot believe that you are now a six year old. We are extremely proud of the little girl that you have become! Seeing you enjoy your special day was just priceless. Hope all of your wishes come true this year~생일 축하해요 우리 사랑아!