stuffed to the max with homemade quac- literally BOMB

so unbelievable delish and easy you won’t believe

This recipe is something I came across someday on social media. You know exactly what I’m talking about, no? I always see these amazing EASY dishes that I make a quick mental note to myself- “i am going to make that!” But the problem is, is I never do. I got lucky this time because I was looking in my fridge and was craving something with avacado and randomly remembered this recipe I see all the time. I have seen it so much lol (and also because it is so easy)- that I didn’t need to refer to anything or check back to see if I was remembered correctly.

See those ingredients up top? THIS IS ALL YOU NEED! (plus chicken and bacon!)

So take your two avacadoes, your tomato, your two tablespoons of cilantro, half an onion, and some salt (for salt- add as much or as less as to your liking) chop it all up, put it in a bowl then get a fork and mash it together. You don’t even need a blender.

Once you are done, you have THIS. Home guacamole. I will NEVER buy guacamole ever again.

get two chicken breasts

cut a slit that forms a pocket if you will by using a knife. Make the pocket as big as you can manage- the bigger that pocket, the more guacamole you get to eat 😉

stuff your pockets

get some bacon

shut the pockets so no quac is showing, and then wrap with bacon. I used two strips per chicken.

Get a pan, drizzle some olive oil, and on medium- high fry for 4 mins on each side.

when done, place on an oiled cookie tray. Bake in an oven for 400 degrees for 15 mins.

In those 15 mins i threw together a salad with more veggies I had in the fridge

voila- ready to eat.

Guys, this is the type of recipe you use when you are TRYING to IMPRESS, but don’t have much time. It looks so much harder to make than it really is. It’s def a must try.

Thank you social media for reminding me to make this!

and for those of you who follow me via snap-(thehauteocookie) as I always say,

bon appétit.