BB cream which stands for beauty balm is an all in one moisturizer, skin repair, and make up all in one

It’s been a craze around Asia for the last few years, and has finally hit the US scene.

BB cream stands for blemish balmblemish base, or beblesh balm (apparently because of a copyright in Korea on the word “blemish”), and in Western markets, beauty balm. It is a cosmetic item sold mainly in East and Southeast Asia, although larger beauty brands are increasingly introducing BB creams to Western markets. {wikipedia}

BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage.

One of my friends in the fashion industry sent me these goodies to try and I’m in love.

My friend= the lovely ALORAYUN is an amazing beauty editor. follow her! -> twitter & tumblr}

I tried every single tube pictured above. It gives my skin an all around “glow” and a “dewey” type of look.

Before you get started just a few tips:

-If you are like me, I apply my bb cream AFTER I have applied all other make up (eye liner, eyeshadow & mascara). I don’t know if it is my ocd tendencies but I don’t like any part of my hand touching my face, esp if  it’s summertime/I’m sweating etc. I firmly believe that applying bb creme, any kind of liquid foundation, or even powder to your face should always come LAST. This way your face looks oil and smudge free- it just looks completely fresh.

-Do NOT apply bb cream like you would a concealer or your moisturizing lotion. It’s not meant to be applied that way. This means do not rub into your face, and do not use circular motions. The cream is highly concentrated with so many nutrients for your skin, but same goes for the pigment. If you apply bb cream on your face the way you would other foundations by rubbing it in etc, it makes you look like you painted your face on, or have what people call “cake face.” It just looks TOO much, even if you have the right shade. I like my skin to look like it is breathing, and healthy- people can’t see that if it is completely covered up. I noticed that with 99.9 percent of any bb cream I have tried (Korean or American) the one thing that is the same is the coverage. Too much is not good.  A LITTLE always goes A LONG WAY. You only need a drop this size for each side of each face. I use 3 drops total this size-

That’s one dot for the left, one dot for the right, and one dot split in half for forehead and chin.

Getting started~

How to apply:

Dab on dot that size on the very edge of your right jaw bone, and another dot on the edge of your left jaw bone. Start swiping outward toward your chin. Stop, and repeat in the opposite direction. You are basically making quick little lines on your face–back and forth, back and forth. Keep doing this same “swiping” motion all the way up to your cheek bone. Don’t press hard, and do it very lightly. This way you aren’t using too much, and there’s always enough left to swipe on your nose and under.

repeat on the other side of our face, starting at the jawbone.

I’m done applying to both sides in the photo below. Do you see how it is a little shiny around the “points” of my face? If you look at my nose, and around my nose it’s a little more shiner than other areas and that’s what makes it have that glowy look. Some people might not like this, and if they don’t then BB creme might not be the best for them. I love the dewy look.

 Bb cremes are formulated for more lighter looking skin tones. This is a problem for people like me who like to have sun-kissed looking skin. There are many bb creme brands that have darker shades, but most unfortunately just don’t. Dr Jart is one of them-it is for lighter skin tones, so If you have lighter skin it’s going to be perfect for you. If you have more of an olive or tan complection like me, you’ll need bronzer for the angles of your face.

TO be completely honest with you, with any bb creme that I have used I ALWAYS use a bronzer to brush onto my jawbone, cheek bones, and forehead.  This just ensures that my face matches the color of my neck and body no matter what light setting. The kind of bronzer I use is called NARS and the it is called laguna. I have used it for such a long time, and I love it.

Review of Dr Jart BB Creme:

Dr Jarts has a lot of coverage, it makes certain areas of your face shiny for that dewey effect. Surprisingly though, every tube pictured feels the same way-It’s not oily, and more of what beauticians would call a powder liquid. It’s formulated for lighter skin tones, and the darkest shade out of the 4 tubes pictured above is Waterfuse-blue/ waterproof one) . This is the one that I am wearing in these photos. I love it. Out of all 4 Dr Jart+  the only tube that was just TOO light for my face was the premium+/gold one which also happens to have the highest spf! Wish the color could match my skin tone~ Oh well!

I’m ready to go.

 For the Dr. Jart Line, I really love the Waterfuse- and even though it’s not at an spf 45, 25 still isn’t too shabby right?