loving the juxtaposition of my two fave colors against a sheer layer

 I’m a pretty sentimental person. I remember every single piece of clothing, and it’s history…. when I got it. When I first wore it. Somehow I always make some kind of attachment or meaning in everything I own.  When I wear something that I haven’t in such a long while, it always brings back memories of the time I wore it first. For my birthday one year, my younger sister decided that she would take me out to my fave place for lunch, and then on a shopping spree.  I have an amazing sister and I will always know how blessed I am. In any case, The next month is going to absolutely crazy because we’re moving! Last weekend’s project was my closet. Having a big closet is what I have always wanted, but it has always meant more upkeep and more work. In this case the dilemma was the keep pile, and the donation pile. I was close to donating since I only wore the dress once, and thought maybe I never wore it again because it is such a different dress. I tried it on one more time just to make sure, and I couldn’t. A four year old dear to my heart told me that I looked like a ballerina princess. I loved her words. I had to keep the dress for those reasons and  because the other personal memories of the date with my sister that day. I can’t say this dress is my favorite, but it is now def ONE of my favorites.  Hubby told me he loved the way the dress looked on me too, and how pretty he thought I was.  It was a done deal. Can’t and won’t ever give it up.

Zara heels

Michael Kors bangles

 dress gifted

Hermes bracelet

Ysl ring