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Hello Friends! We have been getting such a sweet head start to the summer! This month of May was (is always) very special as it holds Mother’s day as well as my husband’s birthday all in the same week! On that note, I hope you celebrated a wonderful mother’s day- and if you are a mom- that YOU were celebrated ! I sure was spoiled silly as usual as my husband always makes me feel so special and appreciated. On Mother’s Day, he took us all out to a wonderful brunch and this is what I wore. I felt very different and special in this beautiful embroidered Midi dress and these gorgeous pom pom heels.

ethereal eclectic bohemian chic


I just am so obsessed with this Midi dress.

On that note here is My mini, in her cute little dress strutting her stuff and bringing mama her bag.

I know I am biased, but how CUTE is she?

Chloe myrtle sunglasses | Midi embroidered dress | Mule heels with pom poms

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather and having a great start to their summer!