simple & chic

Hubby just bought this chair for my vanity area in my closet so I could sit down while putting on make up or use it as a desk (I am blogging this post from this very room right now!) I love how it is simple and black and white but it just needed something. The chair looked plain and I felt like it needed something like a furry throw, or a gold pillow. I sat down, & got online to look around for some. Well there is a reason I often blog from my closet- because I get a lot of inspiration and (today was no excpetion). I glanced at my chanel black cerf tote and saw the dustbag inside of it. I don’t ever use my dustbags because I keep them front and center on shelves & immediately had an idea.

Why not use it- I could make a pillow out of it. I immediately went to my office closet (which is where I store props and miscellaneous things for parties) & pulled out the pillow that I was going to use for my daughter’s frozen party but never did. It measured to be 18 x 18- and the chanel dust bag measured near 20 x 20. I knew the pillow would not be a perfect fit but I couldn’t get myself to cut any of the bag or material (I know I’m so weird). I then decided I could kind of frame it by giving it a 2 inch edge! I turned the bag inside out, measured 2 inches from each edge of the bag, and pleated it (3 accordion folds) then used a white pencil to draw a straight line where the fold ends. I then hand sewed on the line for  3 of the edges.

Then I turned the bag inside out again and the pleat sticking out which is the frame around the pillow turned out to be a little over an inch. I loved how it looked- I stuck the pillow inside. It fit perfectly! I had to sew the top closed and add the top frame from the outside so I sewed 2 more lines. Voila! A chic chanel pillow for the vanity chair. This took me an hour to do, and made me realize a couple things.

1. I want to do this again to some of my other dustbags 2. Next time I will just buy stuffing so it fits the dustbag perfectly and all I have to do is sew the top closed. 🙂

A pillow made out of the dust bags to some of your most treasured purses would make for some chic decor in any living room couch, on a bed, or… in a closet 😉

Hope you like how it looks!