I’m the photog today 

As fun as it is being the one having your picture taken,  in all honesty~~ I think it is MUCH easier being on the other side of the camera. We had a couple of events on the same day, and I was helping some friends out by taking photos for them- I never mind doing this because I get to have fun with my hobby. Hubby happened to have our small p&s with us, so he caught a few photos of me in action. I handed over the big guns for a few seconds because I thought why not have hubby quickly snap a few photos of me.

 I know what I’m wearing is truly nothing special.

Hair up and out of my face, a casual lightweight perforated waffle shirt, cut offs, sandals, & sunnies. BUT…sometimes casual days are just the best… aren’t they?! Effortless always looks so relaxed, and as much as I love getting dolled, up, I love this look very equally so.

shirt, shorts, sandals- zara

balenciaga city