flashback friday: most memorable trip

2 years ago, hubby and both daughters (one was growing inside of me) took a baby moon to Buenos Aires. Sorry, friends who have seen these photos via fb. Even though these photos are from the past, I always take a peek at them time to time, because of the fact that it was and will always be one of my favorite family trips not just because of visual reasons, but because of sentimental ones too.

 Just outside our hotel ~ 

always a new fresh flowers every morning inside our hotel, these were my favorite during our stay.

::More views from our room::

La Torre De Retiro

Noticing our massive steak consumption yet?!  That’s the norm thing to eat any time of day! They call it Bife de Chorizo. 

@ Al Carbon

(the best Bife de Chorizo we ate while in Buenos Aires)

The quality of this steak completely surpasses my fave steakhouse Mastros. I was in heaven.

Back to bife de chorizo again~ the funny thing is that I thought that Argentinian’s diets consisted of rice and beans~(silly presumptuous me)~~ I just thought that was typical South American or even Spanish food. The typical diet is in Argentina??? Yes, MEAT, MEAT, oh and MEAT. Meat, bread, and some type of veggie-usually a potato in some form.

Buying a quality steak at any time of day is very typical at a food court.

some food courts look very different in Buenos Aires~

Snacks and beers for all (minus 2) @ Bare~El Unico

Dinner at Dashi~best Sushi restaurant in Buenos Aires~

The sake was always served overflowing from its cup

::San Telmo::

standing just outside Mercado de San Telmo , 7 months pregnant with youngest daughter.

fresh fruit & veggies everywhere

matching, always.

:The famous Floralis Generica:

Cafe de Origen

@ Cafe Tortoni~where the most popular Tango show is at

I guess this is where all the Brazilians go to come and see Tango. This was the most memorable and funnest night we had while here~ the show was SO INTENSE as the dancing was just SICK!

Favorite Part of our visit~ Just Roaming Random Streets of Buenos Aires


Islas Malvinas Stadium~ where all the soccer fanatics hang out.

Walking around Calle Florida

The architecture of Buenos Aires was not what I expected at all. It is so very European looking. Argentineans descend mostly from Italians, Spaniards, Germans, Russinas, Poles, and other Europeans so I guess this makes sense~~ (This is something I did not know until our visit)

At Galerias Pacifico

Shopping in Buenos Aires is INSANE~ the shopping centers are so beautiful and so much nicer than any mall in Los Angeles.

Hubby treated me to many goodies while here 😉

 Buenos Aires, Argentina…  

is truly a very amazing place to visit, and if you are thinking of visiting someday (i highly recommend),  just looking through these photos and posting them now makes me miss it so much. I hope these old photos give you a visual or a taste of what it is like. We can’t wait to visit again!