my fave person, one of my fave photos

This photo is the screensaver on my big computer. It’s one of my fave photos. The guy in the photo is my hubby, and this photo  incapsulates how we are-we are always on the same team. I know that sometimes it’s really hard to be on the same team as there is absolutely no such thing a “perfect” relationship. There’s is a lot of up and down in any relationship including marriage! With that said, we have been through a lot together and I wouldn’t want to go through it with anyone else! No matter any disagreement, at the end of every day we stand side by side, and my husband is my rock.  He always seems to be behind the scenes of everything in my life, and is my #1 supporter no matter what. He does so much for me, so much for our family… he truly is our everything.  Just 3 days ago, my friend and I decided to name three things we are thankful for, before going to bed every night. Tonight is the first night I’m doing this, and what better to share is there than right here? (=  I’m so thankful for my loving husband for more ways than one.

I can see you smiling from over here, bigbear! luv u!

Friends, you should try what my friend and I are doing. There’s a reason we are doing it- the main one being it is supposed to train your brain to stay positive~! <3

Who or what are you thankful for??

Happy Friday Friends!