fave day of this entire month~ our youngest daughter’s birthday

We have two daughters and they are both still very young~~but boy oh boy are they growing up fast. Party planning/photography are a couple of my hobbies, so even with the craziest month ever (our entire fam was in town for thanksgiving and daughter’s bday)~~ it was kind of fun to plan. I decided to do a diy milk and cookies bday party in honor of our little cookie. The reason youngest daughter has the nickname little cookie is because her aunt started calling “cookie” that when she was about 8 months old because when she said that word she would giggle. Ironically, as she was able to eat toddler food which includes all the goodies, ahem sweets we noticed her very very fave sweet treat was cookies. NOt just any cookie, chocolate chip cookies to be exact.  To celebrate her second year of life in this world , we decided what better way than to celebrate than with her very faves?! Milk and cookies, and a lot of jumping around.

banner preperation~lots of cutting and sewing

almost finished

pom pom time

personalized canvas thank you bags~ I used my fave font stencil and fabric paint pen

making cookie’s very fave ~gourmet double chunk cookies….8 lbs worth!

a whole lot of chocolate

serious poundage!

ready to bake

while cooling a touch of sea salt is the trick for sweet but savory too

red velvet from scratch

strawberry la creme tarts

tuxedo cake

it took me an entire hour to ice this cake. I wanted to achieve the perfect texture…this is where being ocd bites u in the butt!

finishing touches, love how the banner i made for the cake turned out


decorated red velvet, with a kiss on top.

strawberry cake pops

the final spread!

For exactly two years on this day, you have brought an immeasurable amount of joy into our home little cookie. It’s really the other name 아빠 calls you so much that is most spot on~ happy birthday to our cookie, our littlest love, our ♥ happymaker ♥ ~ Thank you for completing our lives~We love you so much!