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Yesterday, my sister & I got into an argument about something very trivial. A few hours ago a package arrived at my door, hence an unexpected event {which deserves an inpromptu post of it’s own}
One week ago, she handpicked these earrings for me and had them sent to me. I was speechless when I opened the box. The first thing I did? I cried.
She knows me inside & out and I’m not just talking about my taste in clothing or jewelry.
I called her and built up emotions were just released as I wept more.
I told her how thankful I was and how thoughtful and amazing she is to always think of me & spoil me like this.
She told me how happy she is that we can both be compassionate to each other and easily forgive.
I told her that if I am ever sad or upset with her, I will look at these earrings and wear them.

♡ Love you Sarah Bang