fave pair of denim~ or can I even call it that?

Modern Saints

I recently went to a fashion event at The Blue Jeans Bar, where THE  amazing Amber Garton  (follow her here here- blackcatcombat) introduced me to my first pair.  It was love at first sight.

I can’t say it was just love at first sight- they of course  look sooo sleek & just amazing. But it was when I tried  them on that I knew I was in deep. This amazing pair of jeans that is technically not a jean (it is made by a new technology of weaving) – you would never know. I tried these babies on and I felt like I had SWEATPANTS on. Come on, be honest. Have you ever tried on a pair of jeans, SKINNY jeans at that- and thought to yourself wow I could sleep in these. That’s how I felt, and then I saw the little tag dangling from the denim with the hashtag #thisisnotajean. Well, to the T, that’s the only way to explain them. By touch you would never know, but when you try them on they are so comfortable and soft, not to mention really flattering.

Can’t believe that I snagged this pair, ty thebluejeanbar! <3

I loved them so much, I later got the jet black skinnies too. <3

Stay tuned for outfit postings 😉

Thank you Modern Saints & Blue Jeans Bar

get yours HERE