burberry studded jacket. fave eye candy

so haute.

They call it eye candy, when it’s something you enjoy looking at but you can’t have. In this case, I am loving studs and spikes. It’s my fave thing to lust over these days, but the thing is, I could NEVER pull this off like some of you lovely ladies.  I do LOVE the look, and enjoy looking at people who can pull it off. Love lustful gorg photos.

(photos via tumblr)

I love it. You might not. It doesn’t matter. Even though I know I would look terrible adorned in spikes and studs I still think they are quite cool on others. With that said , here are a two quotes that I’m really digging~>

Beauty is TRULY always in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?? The best part (besides the fact that it’s true) is that all that really matters is what YOU think.

Always be confident in who you are.

Happy Friday!