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If you have been following me via instagram, you already saw and read my review on that bronze bottle of SKII Ultimate Revival Essence you see above ^^  ! It it is really really abs amazing. It already made a tiny sunspot I had so much lighter so I can’t wait to see what happens in another month. It just totally evens out my skin tone and make pores invisible. If you want baby soft flawless looking skin, I recommend!

Next, let’s talk about  Fresh Rose Cleaning Foam. I was taking care of my mom over the summer and my sister was there too and left her bottle of fresh rose cleaning foam there, and it was at first try that I abs fell in love! I use this on most days (when I didn’t put on any kind of makeup on) It is best for a quick fresh invigorating clean- not too harsh or deep cleaning like a soap (that is trying to take makeup off your face) would be. As a child, my mom (who has gorgeous skin) always told me, just don’t use soap on your skin. The OCD person that I am it was hard to do that as I felt that my skin needed to be “cleaned” in some kind of way. This is the jackpot for every day facial soap. Another note- the fresh scent smells just like rose water. Simple, watery, fresh and clean.

Clarins Concentre Zone Regard Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

This eye cream is not too greasy but thick enough to make you feel that it is “working.” Its texture- completely luxurious- is so amazing and smooth on. I tried it once to act as a base for my eyeshadow- SCORE! Worked like a charm and the shimmer at the bottom but matte shadow on the top looked FRESH and perfect 6 hours after application. I apply this also at night no signs of any wrinkles yet. 😉 Please try!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

I found out about this product because of my mother. She has amazing skin, and used a lot of estee lauder skincare products as a woman in her 30’s-40’s-50’s- and now 60’s. Her gorgeous face is the sheer reason I wanted to try this product. When I wake up after a night of rest and look in the mirror every morning, at first glance i notice a very even skin tone. I love that.

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Magic Lipstick

Would you go emo or goth, and apply this baby? lol! Just personal preference-I wouldn’t- if it was really dark/or black! Here’s the magic- it goes on according to your own body’s temperature. For me it goes on very sheer and neutral pinkish for me, and looks so natural and amazing. I am not going to lie- it is the packaging that attracted me at first! Bare face, or with eyeliner and shadow- it is just perfect!

Ohh what’s that next to ms. givenchy?

I saved the BEST- FOR LAST.

That compact tho.

I have been wearing makeup for the past 10 years. It has been a gradual process also one of being comfortable in your own skin, and knowing what works for you and what just looks better on others- not you- and that’s ok!

This compact!! It’s for everyone. This  Tom Ford Compact-!! Two words- absolutely AMAZING. I don’t like that “cake-face” look, and like more of a dewy glow (but not greasy looking!) I have been using Chanel Translucent loose powder (in the round can with puff) for what seems like forever, (it is also a very amazing product and recommend it as well) but after stumbling across this baby I don’t think I can go back. It makes your face even, and it looks very natural and just fresh. It erases any sign of oiliness, greasiness, and I have heard it sets bb creme or foundation amazingly! When I put on sunscreen, and use this compact to matte that shine, it looks SOO good- almost like an airbrushed effect. It is def a must try and worth every penny!

Hope that you liked my fave beauty products of the moment!

I do get a lot of compliments on my skin, but I can’t just credit genetics! These products WORK- & have stunned me. If they didn’t, I would never take the time to write this post & share them with you~ my loyal followers (and friends).

As a woman, I think that we can empower one another my sharing tips, tricks, secrets, and products that we love! Do you agree? I stand by all of these products and love them so much that I had to share them with you in hopes you give them a try, end up loving them as much as I do, and feel amazing in your own skin.


Tom Ford Translucent Finishing Powder (I use Ivory Fawn)

Fresh Rose Cleaning Foam

Clarins Resorative total Eye Concentrate

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Magic Lipstick