an amazing surprise celebration and anniversary gift

If you are reading this now, it is officially me and hubby’s NINE year anniversary. Time seriously flies.

Also if you follow me on instagram you already know we celebrated early! 

Hubby & I agreed we weren’t going to exchange gifts this year because of the new house + extra added renovations. Also, my mom is very ill, & the girls and I need to fly to la to take care of her before our anniversary next week. I didn’t even think we could celebrate due to all the craziness. Hubby pulled a fast one one me & told me how much I mean to him, & to get ready for dinner tonight! I know  this gift is sooo superficiaI & is abs nothing compared to my husband’s thoughtfulness-but I won’t lie-im so speechless & overwhelmed w/ happiness because of both.  I also realize how this post might seem boastful to some- but I’m just bursting with joy right now-thank you so much for letting me share!

Thank you for our journey, my loving husband. It has been such a great ride & I am so excited for the road ahead. Happy 9 year anniversary.

I love you so much!

for the fun part,

 reveal time, real time 😉

i love my new double sens. the leather is sooo buttery soft- smooth- and sooo smoooooshy and well- do I really need to say anything? Even these photos do no justice at all! I’m IN LOVE!

the colors are perfect and so versatile not just for fall but year ROUND. I wear a lot of white, so hubby did well- I love the double sens because it is 2 handbags in one- love the orange not just because it is the hermes house color, but it really goes with every color well with most colors that I wear- esp white, off white, tan, and black.  I also really reallllllly love the  beige tan color because, well of the same reasons.

goes with everything.

 couple mod pics

hermes double sens