a surprise weekend post!

Many of you know, and have noticed that postings @ the hautecookie happen daily, and on m-f!

On the weekends is when I actually write +  schedule all posts to appear on their respective days. As I complete my posts for next week, (I hope you enjoy them!) I happened to realize that I was wearing a green dress-(the same dress pictured above). Of course, I know I was wearing a dress, for I have somewhere to go later tonight.  It is the color I am wearing which is purely coincidental, given what today is. It got me thinking. I know this is a fashion/food website, but something so simple as my clothing made me  feel compelled  to add an extra quick post in honor of the importance of today.

People everywhere breathe the same air,

share the same seas,

 live together on the land.

People everywhere who learn, plan, work, & care can save the earth.


I’m so thankful to be a part of this society, and want to contribute everything I can to ensure that our earth is here for all humanity~ for as long as possible. 

Happy Earth Day!

Friends, I hope you enjoy the lovely sunshine outside, bask in all of  the love around you, and really enjoy the rest of this weekend. xO!